Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dontay's Very First Story in School!!

Dontay has finally had his first story recorded and he is so proud of it! And he has also included a graphic to go with it! Well done!


Evi said...

Hello Dontay!
congratulations on your very first story! Have lots of fun wrighting a nother!
I like art'n'craft and cooking, what do you like?
Evi. Australia.

Miss Walker said...

Hi Dontay. I liked your story. You are lucky to have a lovely poppa.
What did you eat for dinner?

Andrea said...

Hi Dontay ! Well done on your first published story. You are on your way to becoming a writer! I liked how you used past tense and time words so I knew when your story took place.

Looking forward to reading more !

Andrea Fale
Year 4 teacher Grey Lynn Auckland