Thursday, February 4, 2010

Aidan is now in Room 7

Welcome to Aidan!
You can see your 2009 work by clicking here:


Poppy Bednoz said...

Hi Aidan! Congratulations on being in room 7!! Welcome back to school! My name is Poppy and I am a student at University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama USA. I am studying to be a teacher. I got to see your drawing of the fruit that you drew with kid-pix when you were in grade 1, it looks great, you must have worked very hard on it. I also liked the sentences that you wrote about fruit; they made me hungry! I am going to help Ms. She by reading your blogs. It will be so much fun to read your stories and look at your cool and colorful drawings! Keep up the good work Aidan and have a great week, it will be exciting to read more of your work. -Poppy Bednorz

Anonymous said...

Hi Aidan I love your story well done maybe you tell us a story about your tree hut or your bike and write it in your school book for Ms She great work Aidan love Mum