Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cyrus's Awesome Holidays Story!

Cyrus had a wonderful time during his holidays! Listen to what he has to say in this video!
This is also Cyrus's first recorded story in Room 7 in 2010. Well done!!


Paula Casallo said...

Cyrus - I am very impressed that you are on-line telling your story. I hope you are enjoying 2nd grade and learning lots of new things. I am a college student at South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. You are more advanced in technology then I am. You should be proud! : )

Summerland Six 2010 said...

Wow, you must have had a lot of fun playing basketball Cyrus. We think that your KidPix picture is awesome.
Room 6 at Summerland Primary

ridwan said...

nice blog you guys have here and good job cyrus

Ridwan, Melville Intermediate said...

Nice blog you guys have and good job Cyrus
Ridwan, melville intermediate hamiltion

Blaine Hayaski's EDM310 Class Blog said...

Cyrus, you did such a great job telling about what you did. You are way ahead of me in using technology buddy! Keep up the great work!