Monday, August 17, 2009

Puawa's Recount of the Red Riding Hood.

Room 5 have been writing recount of the the fairy tales that they have read. This one is by Puawa and Mrs. She, her teacher thinks it is very good. Listen to Puawa in the video and see if you agree!


Wm Chamberlain said...

As I have commented in the past, this is such a wonderful way to share your students' work. Excellent job, Puawa! I really enjoyed listening to your story.
Mr. C

Anonymous said...

What a lovely story. Excellent job. You used some very good words and your story was in order. I could hear your personal voice coming through. Well done

Angel said...

I really enjoyed listening to your story. You did an excellent job! When I start teaching I hope to have kids in my class as bright as you are.

Angel Dixon
University of South Alabama student in Dr. Strange's class

LaChandra Lett said...

I do agree that Puawa did an excellent job. I am happy that your students are being exposed to a new method of learning. Keep up the good work Puawa!!

LaChandra Lett
University of South Alabama
Dr. Strange's EDM 310 TT4 Class