Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Little Red Riding Hood by Vaifoa!

Room 5 have continued to write recounts of the fairy tales that they have read. This one is written by Vaifoa. His teacher, Mrs Jenny She thinks that the big bad wolf that he describes sounds very scary. Listen to his story and decide for yourself if the wolf is really scary!!


Mrs Tele'a said...

Malo lava Vaifoa! Manaia lau tusitala. You have written a very good story. I like the words you have used, I imagined Little Red Riding Hood being very scared. You are very good at drawing. I hope some senior students visit your blog to see your fantastic artwork. Keep up the good work Vaifoa.
Mrs Tele'a

Melissa O. said...

We start school next week in Pittsburg, California and I hope my first graders this year will be able to write as well as you!
Our class blog is

Mrs Burt said...

Hi Vaifoa, I am very impressed with your blog post! You are a very talented person; you wrote a very interesting story, you drew a graphic on Kid Pix that is better than lots of the bigger chilrden could do and you read your story clearly to us.
Wow, I can't wait to see more from you.
Mrs Burt

Nga Kaituhi o PES said...

Wow I am very impressed, I will make sure my class check out what you clever little people have been up to!I loved the way you described the Big Bad Wolf.
Keep up the wonderful work, I can't wait to hear your next fairy tale.

Mrs Nua

NZWaikato said...

I loved the combination of the kids pix work and the story. What I love about your classes page that I am always using it as an example of how to do work, its always wonderful to come and see your work and Vaifoa you have done such a wonderful job!
Mr Webb, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato.

Mr Wood said...

That was a lovely recall of Little Red Riding Hood and your drawing shows that you understood the story.

My children have just recorded a Little Red Riding Hood story on our blog too.

Angel said...

Wow Vaifoa you retold the story very good. I think I would be very scared to if a big bad wolf was trying to get me with big sharp teeth.

Angel Dixon
University of South Alabama
Student in Dr Strange's class.

Anonymous said...

hi you are good!

Anonymous said...

I like your movie

Margaret Horst said...

Hi Vaifoa, You did a wonderful job reading Little Red Riding Hood! I loved this story growing up and was always afraid of the big bad wolf. Keep up the good work you are doing!!

Margaret Horst
University of South Alabama
Dr. Strange's class