Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Harold is funny!--by Japati

In the first week of Term 3, the Life Education Caravan visited Pt England School to teach the children in Pt England School about healthy life style and living. Harold is the main character who interacts with the children. Room 5 were there too. Some children have writen stories about their visit.

Here is the story by Japati who was chosen by their teacher, Mrs Jenny She, to be the first one to have the Harold story published online.


Mr Wood said...

I loved listening to your story Japati, you spoke nice and clearly.

Delwyn Jarman said...

Dear Japati,
The Life caravan was really good to visit wasn't it. It sounds like you learnt lots about healthy food from Harold. I enjoyed listening to you read your writing. You used a lovely clear voice.
Love from Mrs Jarman

Hainite said...

hi Japati that was are intresting story I really liked It.