Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Calvin's Recount of " The Little Red Riding Hood".

Room 5 are still writing recounts of the fairy tales that they have read and heard. This one is by Calvin and his description of the big bad wolf has been haunting his teacher, Mrs Jenny She because it sounded very scary and frightening. Listen to Calvin's story and decide for yourself if the big bad wolf is really that horrible and scary.


Ashley said...

After I saw this I thought so highly of Calvin. with what I saw of Calvin I think he has high potential and that if he has the courage to do something like that, then he could accomplish any one of his other goals in his future!!!!

jake said...

Calvin, you did great. I wish I could read like that. You have great potential in anything you do. Don't stop reading and good luck in the future.

shelby said...

Awwww! Thats so sweet and cute! When i saw this it made me feel to appreciate little kids more. They are doing so good reading.They are so cute!

Robert said...

You are a great reader and I can tell being able to read so early in life you will have many advantages in life. Take those advantages and make the right decisions

jessica said...

That was cool of Calvin doing that, please tell him that I said I think he did a grate job reading, and explaining the story!

Tegan said...

Calvin! WOW! You have a great voice! You read really well! You're teacher teaches you well. Keep up the good work :)

Racheal said...

Hey Calvin
WOW!!!!! You did a great job at reading the little Red ridding Hood. Reading is a really fun subject.

John Strange said...

Really sharp teeth! Oh my, I would be scared too and run away. I really enjoyed your telling this story. I live in the United States, half way around the world!

Thank you Calvin!

John Strange
University of South Alabama

Erica said...

Wow, Calvin! After you told thay story, I am very afraid of the big bad wolf! You did a great job! I look forward to seeing more from you and your classmates!I live all the way in the United States!

Erica Burrell
University of South Alabama Student in Dr. Strange's class

Jenna said...

Calvin your story of little red riding hood was wonderful. That was one of the best stories I have heard. Your picture was just as good I cannot wait to see more pictures and hear more stories.

Jenna DeAngelo
University of South Alabama
Student of Dr. Stranges EDM310

Alicia said...

Calvin you did an awesome job of telling the story Little Red Riding Hood. You put alot of feeling into your story and actually made me fear that big bad wolf and his teeth.I'm looking forward to more posts from your class.

Alicia Cooper
University of South Alabama
Dr. Strange's Class