Thursday, April 23, 2009

What is for Dinner ?

What did you have for dinner last night ? Listen to Taofaoata and find out what she had. Plesae feel free to leave a comment because she loves it. Thank you.


AngeNZ said...
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AngeNZ said...

Hi Taofaoata,

It sounded like you had a wonderful dinner and your very lucky your Mum cooked it for you. What flavour were your noodles? I love chicken noodles the best.

I look forward to hearing you read more of your stories. Well done!

Mrs Armstrong-Lush

Teresa McNamara said...

Dear Taofaota,
Gosh, you are eating some of my favourite foods. Well done for speaking so clearly and confidently on the video

Leigh Newton said...

Hello Taofaota

I'm writing from Baku, Azerbaijan. It was fun to hear what you had for dinner. I sometimes have chicken for dinner, but last night I bought a hot dog and a doner. Doner is pronounced dohn(rhymes with phone)-air. It's like a yiros, which has meat and salad.

Mrs Gibb said...

Hello Taofaota,

That sounds like a very nice meal you had for dinner. Potatoes are one of my favourite vegetables. I eat them most nights.

Your video was awesome. You come across very confident. One day you might get a job reading the news on TV with those skills!

Good work!

KimY said...

Hi Taofaoata,

I'm writing to you from Melbourne, Australia. What a great job reading your work out so clearly!

Potatoes are one of my favourite vegetables! I love crispy roast potatoes and mashed potatoes.

Do you get to help your mum with the cooking?

Miss Yeomans :)

Wm Chamberlain said...

Hi Taofaoata, your reading of your story was very good. I like potatoes too. I have a big cast iron skillet that I use to fry them.
Mr. C

Brooklyn said...

Hi Taofaoata,

Wow you'r dinner story was the best. You ate some of my favrite foods. You sounded very cofdent. I can't wait for the next story. Keep the work up.

from Brooklyn

Ms F said...


I think you had a very healthy dinner. We are learning about healthy eating in our class. I could read your writing very easily too. Thanks I will come and look for your work again. Keep up the big effort!
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