Saturday, April 11, 2009

Jennifer's Cool Camp Story.

Room 5 visited the Year 5 and 6 students at their camp.
Jennifer was facinated by the things that she saw and wrote a story about what she saw.


4GK09 said...

Hi Jennifer! I'm Ms. Kat from Sydney and I enjoyed listening to you read your story about the year5 and 6 camp. Your handwriting is very neat, too. Did you all get a piece of damper to eat?

My class 4GK and I are on holidays right now but when we return to school I would like them to visit your blog again. It's wonderful.

Justine said...

Kia ora Jennifer
What a great recount of your visit to the Year 5 & 6 camp. You spoke lovely and clearly when reading your story aloud. Did you get to eat any of the damper? I can remember eating it when I was little and it is yummy. Did your campers stay at school the night?
from Mrs Driver
Pakuranga Heights School

Wm Chamberlain said...

You did a great job writing your story. I can see you spell very well. You also did a good job reading your story out loud.
Mr. C

AngeNZ said...

Hi Jennifer

You read your story so well that my 2 year old son stop and listen. Well done! It sounded like you had a lot of fun watching the damper being cooked. Did you get to taste it?

Keep up the great writing and my son and I look forward to hearing more of your stories.

Mrs Armstrong-Lush & Trey

Leeza said...

That was a great story! You certainly are an expert speller for your age. Keep up the good work!

vanessa and shayla said...

We like your story and it was amazing. We think you are very smart keep it up. Ok

Audy and Suzanne said...

You did a good job on reading your story.You didn't mess up and that really good for someone so young.

Parker said...

I liked the story you made, Good job on spelling. You read it loud and clear too.

Terry and Parker said...

You read petty good and the story was good too.

Nikita&Sarah said...

I really liked what you wrote Jennifer I actually liked you story it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We also thought it must of took hard work to stand up there by your self and tell that beutiful story !!!!!!!!

Zeke andDevin said...

Its amazing to see 1st graders read so well.We liked how you read so well.

ana said...


My name is Ana, I am a 5th grader in Montana. I really liked how you presented your information about the fire drill all in order. It was easy to understand.

Thanks and have a good day!

Don Chen said...

Hi Jennifer,

It is a good job.The boys and girls have the good language ability.
To use accurately langusage is the beginning of start of thinking.
It is very useful.

Good Job.