Monday, March 23, 2009

Vaifao's Yummy Dinner!

Do you always have yummy dinner ? Listen to Vaifao's story and find out what he had for dinner one night.


Wm Chamberlain said...

Vaifao, I eat lots of noodles too! I put butter and garlic salt on them. It is very yummy. We also eat noodles with tomato sauce. I want to learn how to make noodles like they do in China.
Mr. C

jkmcclung said...

Vaifao, that sounds like a great meal. Your making me want to eat noodles for dinner!

Mr. McClung

Manaiakalani said...

That was a lovely story about noodles Vaifao. I love eating noodles too. I am glad we got to see your beautiful drawing.
Mrs Burt

AngeNZ said...

Hi Vaifao!

It sounds like you have a lovely meals. I like eating noodle as well but I usually have to cook them myself. I like it when the noodles curl up and flick the soup all over the place.

I enjoyed hearing your story and can't wait to read more.

Mrs Armstrong-Lush & Mrs Manson (St Josephs School, Feilding)

Anonymous said...

Room 18 likes your story. Next time you could work on reading fluently. Some of us are trying to do that too! Andrew loves noodles, he is from China.
From room 18

Anonymous said...

Kei te pai e hoa na reira kia whakapiki tou panuitia ki a matou katoa.

I think your ability to comprehend and retell your thoughts about eating noodles is fantastic.

Mauri Ora!!!

Mr Graham
Cheltenham School

MBarrow said...

Hi Vaifao, in England today I had sausages for my dinner. I ate them with mashed potato and other vegetables. They were yummy too :)

jdaniels said...

You have a nice story here! I like noodles. I like them better with veggies! Here in Alaska, we eat pizza, noodles, moose, fish, and carrots. Of course we eat other things candy!