Saturday, February 28, 2009

What do we do at PE ? Room 5-2009's first animoto movie.

On Thursday afternoons, Room 5 and other Year 2 children go out to practise different ball skills.
This clip shows what they have been doing.
We also write stories about PE. Here's one from Puawa:
I like Thurdays because we got to go out to play games. We were playing T-ball. I aslo got to sit next to my best friend, Ata while we were waiting. It was fun.


Miss Paton said...

Hi Room 5,

I love how you did a voice over with your photographs. I am learning all about using Animoto. Your PE session around using small balls seems great fun.

Keep up the great work,

From Miss Paton & Room 3

Manaiakalani said...

Hi Puawa and Room 5
I have just been enjoying your wonderful post. You have made your PE lessons sound like so much fun.I really enjoyed reading your story Puawa and I am always impressed by the clever ways you show us what you get up to and especially the way you TELL us all about it.You are such a busy class.
And I saw your teacher on TVOne on Friday night. Did you?
Mrs Burt

Leeza said...

PE is always fun becaue ou actually get to move around instead of sitting at a desk. YOu can be introduced to new sports like cup stacking or some kind of sport you had no idea existed. PE is one of my favorite subjects also including art, music, and science.

Wm Chamberlain said...

Leeza loves her cup stacking! I enjoy animoto as a fun way to do a slideshow of pictures. I especially like the quality of music they have to use.
Mr. C

Baileyroom8 said...

thank you for looking at room8 swimming video that i made

NZWaikato said...

Mrs She Puawa spoke so brave and so clearly, like a mighty warrior who was in charge of a village! I like the way that he talked about all the sports that Room Five does, they are very lucky. I wonder how many students saw you on TV on Friday and went "there's my teacher"
Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, New Zealand.

Pam Thompson said...

Hi Mrs She's class. You sure look as though you all enjoy PE. You're learning to learn to use so many new technology tools - you must be very quick learners and love learning new things. Well done :-)

Mrs. Heaton's Class said...

I loved your animoto. I just discovered it recently and have been using it alot. I did one for a family wedding and another one that was used to showcase my fourth grade class, which is on our blog under January posts I think. I adore the uniforms and hats that the students wear in your PE class. We are going to uniforms in our school next year and my students are a little unhappy (they are 9/10 year olds) but I am sure they will get use to it :)

Mrs. Heaton
Mossy Oaks Elementary School
Beaufort, SC

cwojtera said...

Hello class!
We like PE, too. We are learning basketball skills in our class. It is too snowy to go outdoors. We had 7 inches of snow on Sunday night! It was great.