Saturday, February 14, 2009

Room 5's first Capzles 2009 ( Complete with Voice Over)

Hi Everybody! In Room 5, the children work hard.
You have seen our first Voice Thread and our first movie
and we have only been in school for two weeks.
Now you are going to witness our first CAPZLES for 2009.
We hope you will enjoy watching it as much
as we have enjoyed making it.


NZWaikato said...

Room Five, its wonderful to put your work out there in such a clever and innovation manner. I liked all the pictures that I saw, I probably like Vaifo's the best because I really like the bright background colours that were in the drawing. Nice to start school with some fantastic work.
Mr Webb and Room Eight, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton.

Justine said...

Hi again room five,
I have never seen a capzle before, so I really enjoyed looking at yours and seeing what one is. Korobeau you spoke very clearly, well done! At my school we have just started learning about blogs and I have emailled your capzle to our team leaders so it might inspire them to have a go with their teams. Our junior team have made their first post at perhaps you can encourage them too! In your capzle I liked how good your kidpix pictures were - you guys are so clever.
keep up the great work with Mrs She.
From your friend
Mrs Driver @Pakuranga Heights

Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

@ Mr. Webb. Thank you! Mr Webb for your lovely comment. We have missed you leaving comment for us. Mrs She thought that you might have forgotten about us. But now that you are back, its all good.

@ Mrs Driver. It's good that you like to try a new tool.
Thank you for leaving us a comment.

Wm Chamberlain said...

Capzle is new to me as well. I find in an interesting way to share both audio and pictures.

I saw you talk to Mrs. Driver on Twitter about having your students voices on the blog. Have you tried Vocaroo? It allows you to record audio and put it on your blog. It would be a pretty easy way to add audio. I am going to use it some on my blog and see what kinds of things I can do with it.
Mr. C

Concetta said...

Great work room 5. I love the drawings, I'm going to use them with my class so they can get an idea of what they can do. We will use Tux Pain to draw our pictures.

Sue and class said...

Hi Room 5
This is a cool way to present your work. I think we will have a go at making one. Loved your pictures!

Miss Paton said...

Hi Room 5,

Loved your photos and pictures. What a great programme you have used to present your work. I must download it myself and have a go. Keep up the great work.

From Miss Paton

Anonymous said...

What a great way to share your artwork and what a confident voiceover. I can't wait to share this with Room 9 on Monday. We have got to try this tool for ourselves!

Mr F, Room 9, Glenview School, Hamilton.

Mrs Gibb said...

Dear Room Five students, I think you are all very clever digital artists. You never know, one day you may have careers in graphic design.

I think you are all very lucky to have such a clever teacher, Mrs She has taught us "bloggers" a new trick and that is something we like to do! :-)

Mrs Gibb, Tauranga

Moturoa said...

Nice work Small Voices. Well done.

maryellen said...

HI Room 5
I liked your capzle and want to try it, too. Your pictures were wonderful. I love your blog. Thanks for sharing this with your global audience. We are all learning so much from you.
Mrs. Lynch in Montreal, Canada

Anonymous said...

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Craig Steed said...

Good stuff Room 5. I'm impressed with your artistic skills.

Anonymous said...

What great pictures.We like the bright colours in them.

by Summer


room10@Ptengland School said...

You are clever Room 5. You must be working very hard. Well done and keep it up. You must come and show us how to make a capzle as well.

Miss Lavakula

Room 8 said...

Your work is awesome the pictures are great.
Bailey Room 8
Melville Intermadiate
Your work is realy good.
Keegan Room 8
Melville Intermediate

Sarah said...

Room 5
I like your blog...what a great start to the year.
I am a teacher in Shanghai at an international school. I teach grade one which is like year 2. We have just celebrated our 100th day of school because we begin school in August and finish in June!
Keep up the good work
Mrs. Toa

Leeza said...

Wow! Cute pictures. I saw some very nice art work in there!

Pam Thompson said...

Great work Room 5. I'd never seen a Capzles before but I think I might try it out with my class soon. You're working really hard this year. Keep it up :-)

Curtis said...

Hello Room 5,

I think it is great that your class puts in all this hard work into your blog! Also you can tell that the students enjoy what they do!

Curtis of Room 13