Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We wear it with pride at Pt.England-Room 5's pictures tell us in their Capzle.

As part of the e-Learning tasks, Room 5 have been drawing pictures of themselves wearing the Pt England Uniform as well as the pictures that match the stories that they have written at writing time. We have put the pictures together in a Capzle.
Sivaimao wrote this story about the playground: I like it when I played on the playground. It was fun when I was on the flying fox. I also went on the monkey bars. I like our playground.
Calvin wrote : I am Calvin and I wear my uniform because it is a school rule. I also like the red top and hat. It is also very cool to wear the same thing as my friends.


NZWaikato said...

actRoom Five.
Fono spoke so clearly and proudly with your work, she spoke loud and clear like a lion! I was very impressed with the drawings too... my class of Y7's were impressed by the last one and I think they will be just as happy to see the new ones... I am think about getting my Y7 students to do something similar so we can see which class draws better! I think that you'd be happy with the results... and that some of you could do better work than my Y7 class! Have a happy day, be nice to each other and be good to Mrs She.
Mr Webb, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton.

SummerlandPrimaryR4 said...

We have just made our own capzles once we saw yours we thought wow we should make our own it is so cool!!

Ezrah and JD

Manaiakalani said...

Hi Room 5
I have been looking at your work again and I am so impressed. I think your drawing is getting better already. You also have wonderful clear speakers in your class and I always enjoy listening to what you have to say.
Keep up the great work
Mrs Burt

Justine said...

Hi again room 5, it is great to see some more wonderful drawings in your new capzle. I particularly like Laq's house, it is tall just like you!
Well done room 5 and Mrs She
from your friend
Mrs Driver @ pakurangaheights

Wm Chamberlain said...

Is it okay to say this post is really cute? (Not exactly the kind of word you might expect from a teacher.) I particularly love the bright colors you have chosen for your pictures. They are very pretty.
Mr. C

Miss Garden said...

Hi Room 5,
we have been learning to draw people in Room 12 too so I enjoyed looking at your pictures.
I like the way you are adding hands and feet to your drawings.
People are very difficult to draw but you are doing so well.
Miss Garden

Sarah Toa said...

Hi Room 5

I like your kid pix pictures. We have been using kid pix to draw in our class also.

We are a grade one class (6 and 7 year olds) in Shanghai, China. We like looking at what other children are doing around the world.

We are half way through our school year. It's cold and rainy in Shanghai!

Keep working hard room 5.

Mrs Toa and 1 S.T.

MrsTetupu@ElmParkSchool said...

Hi Room 5
I was so impressed when I saw the wonderful pictures you drew in kidpix. I can tell that you all take pride in your appearance from how sharp you all look in your pictures.

Te Puawaitanga Mum said...

Kia ora Room 5. I really enjoyed reading your blog and am looking foward to seeing more of your fantastic work. Kia Kaha!!!