Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Room 5's Holiday Voice Thread.

Room 5 were writing stories about the things that
they can do in their school holidays. Some of their
sentences are recorded in this Voice Thread. Plesae
feel free to contribute to the Thread or you can leave
us a comment.


Manaiakalani said...

Hi Room 5 (or what ever room each of you will be when you get back to school and read this!)
It was a real treat to hear your voices in the holidays and hear about what you hope to do in the holidays. I hope all your wishes come true and you get to do those things.
All the best
Mrs Burt

Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Thank you Mrs Burt!
It is a real treat to know that you actually listen to our voices in the holidays.
Do have a good holiday and will see you next year!

Mrs She and Room 5 (2008 ).

keamac said...

Hi Room 5
I loved listening to your VoiceThread, it sounds like you have lots of exciting things planned for your holidays. My class have enjoyed visiting your blog this year and looking at all the fabulous work you have shared. I hope you are all having lovely holidays. I'll be back to visit with my new class next year.
From Mrs McGhie

NZWaikato said...

Well done Room Five. I wonder if you could see about following this up in term four and see whose holiday plans came true! I really enjoyed looking at your work this year. It will be sad that Mrs She will have to take us down from the link to other school clusters but we will comment with our new school.

Pam Thompson said...

Hi Room 5. I hope you all had a good holiday & got to do the things you wanted to do.