Friday, December 5, 2008

Nikita 's Swimming story

Do you like swimming ? Nikita went swimming in
the weekend. She has the following story to share
with you.


Pt England Scribes said...

I like swimming too! I'm sure you're a good swimmer with all the swimming Room 5 has been doing recently.

From Miss MacKinlay

MrsMcandCo said...

Daniel (aged 5 1/2) thinks your story is very good.

The Lipsky Team said...

Dear Nikita,

What an excellent story! My students live in Jacksonville, Florida. Our city has 3 different beaches (Neptune, Atlantic, and Jax) so we go swimming all the time! Thank you for sharing your story with us.

Miss Lipsky

Sue said...

Hi Nikita,
Wow, what a great job you did, writing and reading your story.I am going to show my class your video on Monday

pesteam2 said...

What a great piece of writing Nikita. Keep up the great work.

Miss Lavakula