Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Day When Mrs She lost her Voice !

Have you ever lost your voice ?
When Mrs She lost her voice, she still went to school.
The above photo showed how she managed to talk
to her students using wireless microphone and soundfield.


TamakiToday said...

Mrs She - why do all the students in the class look so happy? I felt very sorry for you when you lost your voice although I once had a day of no talking in class when everyone had to communicate using sign language. That was very funny.

Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

@Mr Webb !
I was using the web cam and thay wanted to know how it worked and when they saw themselves, they just laughed.
They were very good for me because I told them that they need to look after me.

Mrs She

tamakitoday said...

Well that's really nice that your students have so much respect for you. Must because they know what a wonderful teacher you are. It's been wonderful to get to know your class this year through their work. Well done. Congratulations.

Leeza said...

I have definitely lost my voice before. It happened during my choir performance and my voice turned all scratchy. Hard Times!

Miss Paton said...

Hi Mrs She,

You poor thing, I know what it's like. I lost my voice a few years ago, and we didn't the sound field then. It was towards the end as well. Hope you've got your voice back now. Have lots of rest and drink lots of lemon and honey drinks.

Miss Paton
Glenbrae School

Wm Chamberlain said...

I have also lost my voice. I think it is an occupational hazard.

One time I decided for fun we (my class) would go all day without talking. We had to use hand gestures and write on the board to communicate. It was actually a lot of fun! It helped my students realize how much of our communication is actually non-verbal.