Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mrs She is now on holidays!

I've arrived in Hong Kong safely! It is a very populated place
with 7 million people living here. Almost everybody live in high
rise building. I am on the 12th floor apartment which has lovely
sea views. The above photo is taken from the window of the


NZWaikato said...

This is great it's getting just like that blog from Glenbrae School with all Miss Pattons posts from holiday!

Miss Joy Paton said...

Hi Mrs She,

I hope you had a nice Christmas. You lucky thing to have an Overseas holiday. Good on you! Hong Kong has been a place I have never visited, but would like to one day. How long are you in Hong Kong for? Always keen to read about your travels, as the travel blog is a great memory of the trip. Thanks for leaving the Hong Kong flag on the blogsite and writing a comment for Erik. Will visit your site regularly while I'm on holiday. I'm down in sunny Christchurch at the moment.

Have a great New Year. I know Hong Kong is a wonderful place for shopping.

Kind Regards,

Miss Joy Paton

Mrs L said...

Hello Mrs She!

Aren't you lucky! Did you buy me anything? Just kidding! Thanks for posting a comment on KPE.

Enjoy the rest of your holidays, and I'll see you back at school soon.

Mrs Lagitupu