Monday, May 30, 2011

Room 6 had a Special Guest: Mr. E Groce.

Room 6 had been extremely lucky because they had a special guest,  Mr E Groce from  the University of Wake Forest, USA.  Mr Groce spent two days in Room 6 to experience the learning environment in our school.  Thank you, Mr Groce , for choosing our class!  Lots of love from Room 6 and their teacher, Mrs Jenny She.


Mrs She said...

Hi Room 6,

We were indeed very lucky to have Mr. Groce in our class! We had enjoyed his presence and hope one day he will come back and visit us again.

Mrs She.

Room 9@Pt England School said...

Kia Room 6,
That was very kind of you to have Mr Groce in your class. It sounds like you all had so much fun!
You're all doing an amazing job with your blog. Thank you and your wonderful teacher Mrs She, for leaving us comments.

From Miss Lavakula and Room 9

Jonita said...

Hi Room 6!!You guys are very lucky to have him and he is also very lucky to come to your class too!He is very kind AND cool and so are you guys and Miss She!She is AWESOME!!!!I hope that you guys can visit my blog whenever you can!!

From Jonita,Rm14

Ashlee said...

Hi Room6
cool post .A fact the hole school got a special guest but you are right Mr.E.Groce is really fun because he's in one of the coolest classes in the school room15. And they said that he was a cool teacher as well but he is really special. Teno pai tamareiki I'll be back to read some more interesting story's your sincerely Ashlee

PORSCHA said...

Hi room 6 I just read your story about Mr.Groce visiting your class room.I really liked that picture of room 6 and and Mr.Groce.Hi hope you enjoyed read my story.

sisilia said...

Hi room 6 I really like your photo of your class