Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lomio-Lee Wrote a Story about Timmy, the Turkey too!

This is Lomio-Lee's very own story about Timmy, the Turkey.  Timmy, the turkey is the only turkey in Ambury Farm in Auckland, New Zealand.

Lomio-lee's Story about the Turkey! from Jenny She on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lomio-lee

tat was are Great story lomio-lee,well done n keep up the hard work :-).

Uncle Paula said...

I enjoy listening to your Amazing story about timmy the turkey:)I love it,Excellent work lomio-lee:)

Anonymous said...

To Lomio-lee
What are awesome story lomio-lee,i think you did a very good job at it,well done.

Isara said...

Hi Lomio-lee
I loved that story I want to see timmy the turkey I have seen many other turkeys but he must be special because he is the only turkey on ambury farm

Texas said...

Hey Lome-lee I'm Texas I liked your great story. Keep up the good work. And i looked at your classes posted.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lomio-lee,
Your story, Timmy the turkey, is very popular. I think because you told about the story very well. -Ju