Monday, May 9, 2011

The Ambury Farm Visit by Room 6 PES-- 2011

Room  6 had the opportunities to visit Ambury Farm in Auckland, New Zealand.  This movie shows the highlights of this awesome trip.  Please enjoy!

Room 6's visit to Ambury Farm March 2011 from Jenny She on Vimeo.


maryellen said...

Dear Mrs. She and Little Voices, Little Scolars,
I loved your video but especially liked how you inserted student narratives. I'm not sure how you did it but it was great. I did see the green screen. It must have been a great learning experience. Thanks for sharing it. The sheering of the sheep was nice.
Mrs. Lynch in Quebec

Simon Tay said...

I myself haven't gone to a REAL animal farm when I am young! I will add it to my bucket list!

refinehere said...

It is a nice video! i love it! the kids indeed must had fun from it. keep it up with your video and share them out! cheers

John Hadley Strange said...

What a wonderful trip the visit to Ambury Farm must have been. I have never seen a sheep sheared. That would have been fun to watch. Did the sheep like it? What do you think? And the goats, horses and pigs. Even the chickens and the eggs. What fun you must have had. I see that you have made other movies about this exciting trip. I will hopefully have my students this summer (it is now summer in the United States) look at your movies and leave comments. I hope you will still be is session to see the comments. If you miss them, have Mrs. She show them to you at the start of new term.

Thanks for sharing with me.

Dr. John Strange
University of South Alabama
Mobile, Alabama United States of America