Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Room 7 Visited the Life Education Caravan and Harold.

Room 7 had the opportunity to visit the Life Education Caravan when it came to Pt England School. Harold who was the character that interacted with the students and together with Lynne, an experienced teacher, they taught the students about health education. This movie shows the highlights of the event! Please enjoy!


Linda Yollis said...

Dear class,

What a fantastic movie about your visit from the Life Education Caravan! I loved how you shared your learning with a movie. Let's see it's important to drink lots of water, exercise, have friends, be loved...and ...hmmm... did I miss anything? Please let me know!

Have a healthy day!

Your pal,
Mrs. Y♥llis

Lorenzos mum said...

Hi Room 7,

You all looked very excited about learning life education with Harold and the best part was watching you all have fun. Hope you all take it aboard not just at school but also at home. Keep up the awesome work!