Friday, August 27, 2010

Elizabeth U Wrote about an Experiment that She saw!

When Room 7 were learning about volcanoes, they did an experiment to show how gases might have caused an explosion! Here is what she said:


Manaiakalani said...

Hi Elizabeth, What a lovely post you have here. A photo to give us an idea of what your class was doing and you telling us all about it in a lovely clear reading voice. Well done. You just keep getting better and better :)
Mrs Burt

Elizabeth U said...

Dear Mrs Burt!

Thank you for your lovely comment! Mrs She and I like it!
Did you know that was Mrs Te Pania pouring the vinegar onto the long skinny bottle?


Melville Intermediate, Waikato said...

Elizabeth I think that if you keep speaking and presenting so well that you could get a job like becoming the Prime Minister or an important person because they must be able to speak clearly and well.

Elizabeth U said...

Elizabeth's Reflection:

I have to remember to check my spelling and put fullstops at the end of my sentences.