Sunday, August 8, 2010

Elizabeth U Wrote about how a pirate was trying to cut Captain Cook's throat!

On the first day of the Term 3, the teachers dressed up as different characters for the school assembly. In this story, Elizabeth wrote about her favorite moment!--When her teacher (Jenny She) dressed up as the pirate was trying to cut Captain Cook's ( Wendy Burne )throat. Ha ha!!!

Elizabeth's Reflection on her Story:


Vivienne said...

Hi Elizabeth,
You did a great job with your sentence and your refection. You used interesting vocab (words) and good expression to make your story interesting. I hope you do what you said to make your story more interesting. Keep up the great work in class and keep up the interesting sentence.

Rachel from Rm 4 Waiuku Primary said...

Mrs She looks very fierce in her costume! I bet you were all very surprised to see her looking like that!

cyrus said...

Dear Elizabeth
I Like Your Story
because you have interesting words in it.