Sunday, September 13, 2009

" The Little Red Riding Hood ran away" said Layquitah.

Like the rest of Room 5, Layquitah also enjoys reading and listening to the fairy tales. This video clip is the recount that she wrote at writing time. She thought that the big bad wolf was so scary that the Little Red Riding Hood ran away. Listen to her story and find out what actually happened.


Mrs. Lal said...

Hi Layquita

I enjoyed listening to your story. Yo u spoke so clearly and confidently. I wonder what happened to the big bad wolf in the end of your story.

Andrew Thompson said...

Layquitah, Is the picture yours? The wolf has such a big mouth and such big teeth!!!

Andrew Thompson said...

Wow! I just listened to you read the story of Little Red Riding Hood. You wrote in a very interesting way.

Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Dear Mrs Lal and Mr Thompson,
Thank you very much for leaving comments on our blog. We appreciate it
very much. Yes, Layquitah did draw that picture of the wolf. We are glad that you think the wolf has got big teeth!

Mrs She and Room 5.

Anonymous said...

we think for a 7 year old your story is very good

alex, kayla,amber,james,may,

Anonymous said...

We think that even though it is a second language she talked like a year six...Drew & Marc
We thought that she projected her voice very well...Ben & Kelsey

The Hurricanes
room Ten RBS

IndiaM said...

Hi Layquitah,

I really enjoyed hearing your story of little red riding hood ran away. You reminded me of my inner childhood and how I use to read little red riding hood.

Thank You,
Kriston Killingsworth