Friday, May 1, 2009

Taofaoata's Swimming Story!

What do you do at at a swimming lesson ? Listen to Taofaoata's story and find out what she did in her swimming lesson.


Andrew Williamson said...

Great story about swimming Taofaoata! You are a great reader too. Do you like swimming? Our grade two students are about to start swimming next week. They are very excited about it.

Justine said...

What a wonderful recount of your swimming lesson. I'm glad that you can float like a starfish, that is a very important first skill to have in swimming. I wonder what you will try next time you go to the pools?
from Mrs Driver @Pakuranga Heights School

Teresa McNamara said...

You do lots of interesting things in your swimming lesson. Which is your favourite?

Anonymous said...

What a great story. It sounds like you had fun in the pool. I like to float in the water too. Do you like to do starfish on your back or on your front?

Mr F

michelledodd said...

Fantastic! you are a star in more ways than one!

Delwyn Jarman said...

Dear Ata,
You read your swimming recount very clearly. I can tell that you really like swimming lessons. Can you float like a starfish on your back? Swimming is lots of fun.
Love from Mrs Jarman

Melville Intermediate said...

I like your recount about swimming it was great!!!
I like you writing.
Melville Intermediate School

tracyo said...

I like the way you helped make a picture in my head by saying that 'you walked in a straight line' - rather than you just walked. You told me the 'how', which means you helped me understand what you did.
Thanks for sharing

John Strange said...

I really liked your video and story about swimming. I bet you like to go swimming, don't you? I am on my way to France. I like to go to France so I try and go every year.

Keep up your good work!

Chante said...

Hi Taofaoata, I really liked your story about swimming.
I like swimming too. Are you good at swimming? You must be good if you like swimming.

Keep up the good work.