Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jennifer Loves her Mum!!

Why is your mum special to you ? Jennifer's mum has an extra special place for her. Listen to her story and find out why her mum is that special!


Justine said...

Hi Jennifer,
Well done with your writing about your mum. I have dark brown/black hair too with some white bits in it. You are lucky that mum lets you go to the park. I am looking forward to coming and visiting you and your class on Thursday! I am coming to see all the wonderful writing that your class is doing.
See you then!
Mrs Driver @Pakuranga Heights School

Room 8, Hamilton said...

I liked the way that before you started reading your story that you started with a big deep breath! I also liked the way at the end that you finished with a little smile, it is nice to think that you were smiling at all the people that were listening to your story. For Mothers Day I think you should show your Mum this video as it would make her happy and she would be proud of how you spoke and well you did.
Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton.

Room 10 @ Pt England School said...

Hi Jennifer,
You spoke very clearly in your story and I liked the way you told us about your mum. Keep up the great writing.
Miss Lavakula

dragonsinger57 said...

Hi Jennifer - What a cool way to be able to share how much you love your mum with other people. You spoke very well.

Ms Fothergill; Room 10 Raumati Beach School

Simon Borgert said...

You spoke very clearly and I really liked listening to your story
Mr Borgert
Coffs Harbour High School (Australia)

P.S My two boys Matthew & Sam really like your story too!

Leeza said...

That's so sweet!

John Strange said...

I enjoyed your video about your mum. We call people with white and black hair people who have "salt and pepper" hair. Mine is almost all white. I think I am probably a lot older than your mum.

Thanks again.