Thursday, May 7, 2009

Japati's Wonderful Mum.

Room 5 have been writing stories about their mums because ' Mother's Day' is coming up this weekend. Here is one from Japati. Please feel free to leave a comment for him.


Jessica White said...


Hi! My name is Ms. White and I work at an Elementary School in Texas. What wonderful things to say about your mom. Your mom and I have things in common. I love to sleep and shop as well. ;)

Your mom sounds fantastic. You are very lucky Japati.

This is going to give my primary teachers some great ideas on how to incorporate blogs in their classrooms.

Ms. White

Delwyn Jarman said...

Dear Japati,

Your mum sound likes a lovely mother.
Make sure you are kind and helpful to her on Mother's Day. She will be really proud of you when she listens to the great way you have read your story.

Love from Mrs Jarman

Justine said...

Hi Japati,
Iloved visiting your class yesterday. It was great to see your writing. This story about your mum is great! keep up the good work
from Mrs Driver@pakuranga heights school

Ms F said...

What lovely things to say about your Mum. That sounds like me too! I am a Mum and a teacher. Come and have a look at our blog if you want to see what we're doing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Japati,

You are so right, your Mum is very kind. Does Mum clean alot because you make alot of mess? One thing I know for sure is your Mum has a great sense of humour.

Keep up the hard work and will look forward to seeing some more of your work!

Dianella (Leoden's Mum)

John Strange said...

Thanks for telling us about your mum. What does she like to get when she goes shopping?

Carolyn Stuart said...

Your mum sounds absolutely fabulous and she obviously loves you a lot. Did you do something nice on Mother's Day?

Gabriel said...

Dear Japati,

Is your mum really that kind?

I think your mum is. So have a nice week.

love Gabriel