Thursday, September 18, 2008

Things that You Can Do on a Sunny Day !

What do you do to pass time on a sunny day ?
Mikaiah has a few suggestions for the children
in Room 5. See if you like his ideas by listening
to his story.


pesroom10 said...

Well done Mikaiah! Great ideas on what you like to do on a sunny day. I love sunny days because we can go outside and to the beach. I am glad it is Spring and it hasn't rained much. Keep up the great work.
Love Miss Lavakula

tamakitoday said...

Mikaiah I really like the way that you spoke. It was really clear and you weren't shy on camera! I think some older students would do well to present as well as you did, what a great voice you have!
Mr Webb
Tamaki Intermediate School

Anonymous said...

Our Favourite NZ Champion is Mahe Drysedale because he has recntlly visited our school! The way we both exersize is doing swimming 1-4 times a week!
Mrs McGhies Class24 Glamorgan
School Torbay, Auckland

Bye from CR and AR

tamakitoday said...

mikaiah i really liked your pictures and your slide show i really enjoyed watching the part when you were talking

Maasi and Heke
Room 6&5 Tamaki Intermediate