Friday, September 12, 2008

Room 5's Paper Spinner movie

In Term 2, Room 5 were learning about things that can fly. We were trying to find out how and why things fly. For this we looked at man made things like helicopters, planes, hot air balloons as well as living creatures like butterflies and bees. For experiment, we made paper spinners to show the importance of gravity in the journey of flight. This movie shows how we made the paper spinners and how we had fun with them. The children's pictures are also included in it. We hope you like our movie.


pesteam2 said...

Wow!! You guys are so clever. Did you try making anything else that flies? Well done

Marg Murnane said...

Hi guys. I'm a teacher from australia and you guys left a comment on our year 7 blog about the pinwheels. I have just watched your video on your spinners and I have been very impressed. It looks loads of fun and I think your video is really good. I'm pleased that your spinners were so successful.
Ms Murnane - Hawkesdale P12 College

Mrs Gow said...

Great work Room 5! Your teacher left a comment on our year 7 page about an experiment we did with paper planes. It's marvellous to see you learning about gravity and flight so early, while having fun at the same time. We tested planes to see what affects how far a plane will fly - things like size, nose-shape, wing-shape and weights. Keep up the good work!
Mrs Gow - Hawkesdale P12 College