Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nikta's Healthy Lunch

Do you know what a healthy lunch is ?
Listen to Nikita's story to find out !


pesroom10 said...

Well done Nikita!
A great story about your healthy lunch. I like your drawing too. I am glad you know what a healthy lunch is. When I was at primary we were allowed chips and pies but that was a long time ago and not very healthy. Would you like to eat pies at school?
Love Miss Lavakula

Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Hi Nikita !

I know that your lunch is healthy and you are telling the truth because I sit next to you at lunch time.


Miss Paton said...

Hi Nikita,

Good on you for having a healthy lunch. I like eating an orange for my lunch too.

Keep up the great work,

From Miss Paton

Room24 said...

i really like all your pictures and how you are champions.

room 24 at glamorgan school