Monday, February 21, 2011

Lomio-Lee is Taking Charge!--He's got his uniform!

Lomio-Lee wrote a story about the way he takes charge of himself!  Listen to this video to find out how he is doing it!

Lomio-Lee's story about his uniform! from Jenny She on Vimeo.


Mrs She said...

Thank you, Lomio-Lee. for the awesome story! Your graphic is outstanding because it is full of details and colour.

Mrs She.

Mrs. Barks said...

Hi Lomio-Lee,

I enjoyed listening to you talk about taking charge of your uniform. You spoke with a lovely clear voice. Your graphic is also terrific!

Anonymous said...

Well.......Lomio you took a big step fromm two years ago from drawing quite alot of picture's on thee computer, and now this grahpics...WOW may be in life you will present us with the 3 news:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Lomio-Lee
wow...nice picture's keep up da hardwork n well done lomio-lee:-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lomio-Lee

hey son love your grogeous story, and i enjoyed listening to you talking about take charge of your uiform was very awsome,love it so much son keep up da hardwork :-)

ofa lahi atu

MUM said...

Hi Lomio-Lee

Hey son,i love your grogeous story and i enjoy listening to you n talking about take charge of your uniform and i love it so much,keep up the hardwork son:-)
MALO 'A E AKO.............