Thursday, February 17, 2011

Angelo Wrote a Story about his School Uniform!

Hm---Angelo is smart!  He has got his correct uniform on and he wrote a story about it!  Enjoy!

Angelo's Story about his Uniform! from Jenny She on Vimeo.


Mr Wood said...

You look very smart and should be proud.

Mrs She said...

Hi Angelo,

Thank you for that lovely story! I agree with Mr. wood that you look very smart!

Mrs She.

DL Turner said...

I loved it. "Taking Charge" Thanks for sharing this fascinating young scholar with us. Cheers Jenny.

Wm Chamberlain said...

Mrs. She, your blog looks wonderful. It is much more colorful and reflective of your personality :)

Angelo, I like your video. We don't have school uniforms in my school, but I think it would be nice if we did.

Mr. C

andrea said...

wow thats cool keep the great work up.

Kane said...

Hello Angelo. Good on you for taking charge. It's always a good thing to be in full school uniform. It's all part of the Pt England Way. Keep up the good writing.

Max said...

Hellow angelo,

You done a great job angelo and i hope you still weared your uniform.We have to wear uniform so that we can be a good school and keep it green.
Keep it up angelol.Take charge of your uniform.

By Max

Jordan said...

What a nice story. That is smart that wrote about their uniforms. But in some America schools we do not wear uniforms. Also check out our blog Room25online.