Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cyrus Wrote a Story about Rata!

The Story of Rata in the Maori legends is extremely popular with the school children in New Zealand. Here is what Cyrus wrote after he heard the story being read to him by his teacher!

Cyrus's reflection on his story!


Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Hi, Cyrus,

Good job! I think you have used a lot of interesting words in the story if you listen to it carefully!

Mrs She.

Ms Glaze said...

Wow Cyrus!

I loved the words you used to describe Rata's power and strength. I can picture this mighty, strong warrior in my head. Good job!
Ms Glaze

room2 said...

Well, I think you used a LOT of interesting words, Cyrus. You worked hard on this story and you have used some fantastic words. I think I heard you use the word "mariner" to tell what Rata did. Keep up the good work. I will have to remember to show this to my class. They are also learning to use interesting words. Ms Donnell

Jared Datema said...

Hi Cyrus
I am in school at the University of South Alabama in the USA. I am studying to be a teacher. You did a great job with the story of Rata. Keep up the great work.