Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lorenzo's Super Cool Animation of an Volcanic Eruption!

Room 7 are at it again because we are the super class that create cool stuff! Watch Lorenzo's super cool animation and find out if it is true!


Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Hey, Lorenzo!
That animation is super cool! I am so very proud of your drawing of the cross section of the volcano!

Mrs She.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lorenzo

I love the your animation of volcano erupting. It was great to see the lava building up through the channel before it erupted.

Keep up the wonderful learning.

Mrs Armstrong-Lush (Feilding)

Lorenzo's mum said...

Hi son,

Well done I enjoyed watching that, hope you learnt alot about Volcanoes this term. Keep up the good work :)

S McPherson said...

Your volcano eruption is terrific. I see why you like to work with computers to make animation and explain how things work. I couldn't here your words very well but the animated explosion of the volcano was wonderful.

Mr Wood said...

I am very impressed by you volcano erupting, it helped me understand how they work.