Sunday, July 18, 2010

Elizabeth G's Cool Story about the Mt Wellington Trip!

Elizabeth has been practising writing her stories using a variety of interesting words. Listen to this video very carefully and find out if she has been successful!

Elizabeth's Story:

Elizabeth's Reflection:

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Linda Yollis said...

Dear Elizabeth,

Terrific story about your trip to Mt. Wellington. I liked how you gave good detail sentences. For example, you didn't just say last week you said last Thursday. You also gave a nice detail about your favorite part, the people rolling down the hill. Detail sentences really bring a story to life for a reader, so well done!

I have two questions: Who was rolling down the hill? And, why were they rolling? Was it a play park?

Wonderful work, Elizabeth!

Mrs. Y♥llis

P.S. Thanks to your class for leaving a comment onour class blog!