Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Night's Cool Animation of an Volcanic Eruption!

Night's animation of an volcanic eruption is really cool. Watch this clip to find out more!


Crusader said...

Hey Night
What a great movie. The effects that you put in the movie was cool to. Your animation was great and even your voice-over was good. Keep up the great work Night.


Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Hello, Night!

Crusader is right! The effects are very effective!

Mrs She!

Stephen said...

Hey Knight,

Your animation for your volcano is really cool. It does sound really angry! I loved the sound effects. I liked that you showed the different layers of the volcano because that's exactly what a real volcano looks like. You did a great job.

Pauline Brown said...

Hello ^_^
You did a great job with the animation. Keep up the good work. You guys will be making even more awesome videos about all kinds of things soon.

Night said...

Night's reflection:

I like my animation because it looks like a real volcano erupting. I can make it better if I add some more details like lava at the side of my volcano.