Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cyrus's Cool Animation of an Volcanic Eruption!

Room 7's children have continued to draw and animate their pictures about an volcanic eruption. Here's one from Cyrus complete with voice over! Please enjoy!


Toreka said...

Hi Cyrus!
I really liked your animation of the volcano erupting. I hope the house didn't get wrecked! My favourite part was how you could see the inside of the volcano. Were you learning what the different layers are? I really liked your animation. It was really realistic.
Great work!

Lorenzo's mum said...

Hi Cyrus,

Love your piece of art...keep up the good work :)

Cyrus said...

Cyrus's reflection:

I like my Animation because I have a lot of details in the picture. I can my animation better if I speak louder in my voice.