Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Elizabeth g's Story about Volcanic Eruption!

Room 7 have been learning about Volcanoes and Earth Quakes and writing stories about what they have learned! The major learning intentions are to use the gifted words to write interesting sentences, spelling their words correctly and to use punctuations at the right places!
Elizabeth G has written her version. Listen to what she has to say in this video!
The second video is her reflection on the story that she has written. Please enjoy because it is awesome!

Elizabeth's reflection!


Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Hi Elizabeth,
I really like the picture of the volcano that you have drawn. It has all the details in it!
I also like the way you have tried to fix up your spelling mistakes and putting full stops at the right places. Thank you for working hard.


maihi51a said...

Hi Elizabeth, we enjoyed watching your video about volcanoes and lava and your reflection on the things you have learnt. It was awesome.
From Senolita and Terina Rm 15

elizabeth28 said...

Kia Orana Elizabeth,

I love the picture of the volcanoe that you have drawn and also telling the story about Volcanic Eruption.

Keep up the great work! and keep smiling!

Vaine Glassie (Mum)

Vaine Glassie said...

Wonderful work Elizabeth. You have learn a lot about volcanoe and also drawing pictures of them. Keep working hard and keep on the good drawings can improve from it.