Monday, May 24, 2010

The Awesome Ambury Farm Movie by Room 7!!

Room 7 had a fantastic time at Ambury Farm and they had recorded their experiences in this awesome movie! Please enjoy because it ROCKS!


room2 said...

Hi Room 7,
We watched your video this morning and it was cool. We liked all the animals especially the piglets and the chicks.
The piano music in the background was beautiful.
You have been working hard to make those Kid Pix pictures.
At our school we have crutching nights. The parents help in the wool shed at a farm. Do you know what crutching means? They shear the sheep's bottom. from Room 2 Kaipara Flats

Mark Barrow said...

Wow!!! what a fun time it looked like you had. I really liked it how you had your pictures in front of the movie. Well done boys and girls.

Shanna said...

Kia Ora,
My name is Shanna and I live in Nelson, New Zealand have any of you been here before?
I really loved watching this video of your trip to the farm, how awesome was it to go visit the animals and get to feed and touch them all? That little lamb really did look very soft and cuddly!
Well done on your video, it made me want to go to a farm and was that your digital art work at the end? you all are so talented, keep up the good work!