Sunday, November 23, 2008

Athletics Day ! What Fun !

Do you enjoy athletics ? Room 5 at Pt England School definitely their Athletic Day !
Mrs. She managed to snap some photos of the Juniors doing the Obstacle course.
Mrs. She was in charge of the obstacle course.


maryellen said...

Hi Boys and Girls,
Your athletic day looks like lots of fun. Your weather looks warmer than ours. I am a teacher in the Montreal area of Quebec, Canada. Our temperature is about -6 degrees Celcius. We don't have any snow on the ground yet but we might get some tomorrow. I love your blog and will visit again. You are doing some great things. I loved your movie, too.

Leeza said...

Hello! Recently I saw I got a comment from Jenny. I never knew that you could speak Chinese. I have to learn it because I live in China.
Talk To You Soon!

G.A room 24 glamorgan school said...

hi ,
your athletics day looks like sooooo much fun, by the way thanks for commenting on our blog