Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Apii's Hippo

Some of Room 5's children have been working with Mrs. Jarman as part of the initiative called Manaiakalani in order to raise student achievement outcome in speaking and writing. Mrs. Jarman made this movie to show what they have been doing lately. Mrs. Jarman also entered this movie for the FILM FESTIVAL 08.


Unknown said...

What a wonderful movie! You people are so clever to have made this. I am at the film festival right now, and I can tell you that everyone in the audience loves this movie too. And we thought your presenters were so brave getting up on stage in front of all the hundreds of people to introduce the movie. They even knew their words better than some of the big kids! Well done Room 5:)
Mrs Burt

Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Hi Room 5,

Your movie is so cool !
We all love it. All the actors did a very good job. I think they spoke better than some very big kids and that is fantastic !

Mrs. She

Anonymous said...

Hi Room 5,

Your movie was very well thought out. Your movie made me laugh and it can easily be done to forget where you put something. Loved the Hippo toy.
When you made the movie, did you have any problems with the hippo falling out of your bag? as the hippo looked bigger than your bag

From Miss Paton
Glenbrae School

Anonymous said...

Hi Room 5
Your movie was a treat to watch!! Your presenters did an amazing job. Your hippo is very cuddly too. Well done!!

Mrs. Cole, Mrs. Constande, & Mrs. Sani said...

Dear Room 5,

We really enjoyed your movie! We thought it was hilarious! We liked how Apii didn't realize it was in her bag. Keep up the great work!

Your USA Second Grade friends

Anonymous said...

We think your movie was funny because your hippo was in your bag and you didn't know.
Well done you guys.

Pt England Scribes said...

Room 5 you are so talented! I wonder if you'll become famous movie stars when you grow up. You are all such talented actors and actresses.

From Miss MacKinlay :-)

Anonymous said...

Kia Orana Room 5,
I really like your movie I think you guys rock.Apii can,t you feel your hippo in your bag?OOOOooops Any way I liked it.

Anyway You are Choice.
Mrs Katu.

Anonymous said...

I think it's really good work for your ages

From room 6

Anonymous said...

Wow what great speaking and acting! Api really looked sad when she couldn't find her hippo. Wasn't it funny that it was in her bag the whole time
Miss Garden

Anonymous said...

I loved the way that the students introduced the movie themselves and were great in doing so! The other thing that I thought was wonderful was that the students who were watching the video were calling out to Apii during the movie and shouting out at the screen "its in your bag!" that was really lovely!
Fantastic work! And it was nice to meet the presenters backstage between takes, I thought about it afterwards I should have asked for a picture, but you know... great ideas afterwards... its hard to think on your feet sometimes!
Well done to everyone it was such a wonderful video!

Anonymous said...

Hey Apii what you been up to.Your hippo was so cute so glad you found it.Well goodbye for now bye Apii.

Anonymous said...

Hey Apii you could have hang your bag up first and then you would knowen your hippo was in your bag.

Anonymous said...

Well done Room 5!

I thought that Apii was a very good actor because she looked so sad when she couldn't find her hippo. What a cute hippo! Mr Burt said that the presenters for your movie were fantastic at the film festival.

Anonymous said...

Hi Apii

That was a really nice story about your hippo.
I really enjoyed it.
You guys keep it up.


Anonymous said...

Hi Room5
Your movie was fantastic and you did well at the Expo.I really like the way you just stood up and talked in front of everyone and you sounded wonderful.All of the actors did a great job.

Rose Room17

Anonymous said...

Hey Room 5
I love your movie .I think it is really funny. It's really cute! You guys spoke very clearly. I think Api's Hippo is an awsome little flim.

From Loimata
(rm 16)

room2 said...

Hey Room 5 QTs!
You rock and so does your movie. Our class will have a look at this tomorrow. We might just have to have a go and be copycats. Your movie is so good.
Do you know the Kiwi Kidsong "Move down the bus"? I think it might be about Apii's hippo.
Well done.
Room 2 Kaipara Flats

Room 14 Seekers of Knowledge said...

Hi little voices, great job Mrs Jarman on the carmer work. To the actors - we think Appis hippo is really funny and you did a great job on the movie its really funny when Appi looks in the bin and the
sound effects comes on.keep up the
good work.

From the grey lynn groovers and Elle

maryellen said...

Hi Room 5
Your movie is amazing. I am a teacher in the Montreal area of Quebec, Canada. I teach a grade 1 class of mostly 6 year old boys and girls. I will show them your movie next week. They will love it too. Maybe we can keep in touch with each other. Keep up all your fantastic work.

KB said...

Kia Ora from Singapore! I enjoyed your video. Look out Shortland Street I say!

We would love to collaborate with you guys on an international project.

We are from an International School in Singapore. We have students from pre-school - grade 4 (a bit like year 5). Maybe your teacher can set something up with our teacher?

Our Grade 2 blog is:

Hope to talk soon.

Mrs Beasley

Stanley said...

Hi room 5 I liked your video of apiis Hippo i was cool.

raymond said...

What a spectacular movie! You guys so clever.

Tyrone said...

Hi room 5,i liked your video about appis hippo i think it was cool.

徵信社 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.