Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We are making a difference !

Room 5 have been practising how to make a difference to our Planet Earth. We want to keep our environment clean and green. We made this movie to show what we have been up to. We hope you'll like our movie.


tamakitoday said...

Room Five.

Well done, this is such a fantastic video and I enjoyed watching it so much. I like the students speaking in the microphone and I liked the demonstration of putting the rubbish in the right place. Mrs She you are a great actor - did you mean to have a minutes of space at the end of the video?
I will show my class they will love this video! Well done Room Five!
Mr Webb on behalf of Room Six
Tamaki Intermediate School

Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Mr Webb!

Thank you for your lovely comments.
The blank bit is for reflection ! Ha Ha !

Mrs. She.

Room 16 Grey Lynn School said...

Great work little scholars. We loved watching everyone take part in the rubbish sorting task. Our school is looking at recycling as well, We could not get over all the rubbish we (kids) bring to school. Like wow Know wonder we a placed poorly on the world listing for countries who don't look after the earth. We are like 6th in the world....that's bad! Anyway what you are doing will help and we think you should go on TV to let big voices know what you are doing. Keep up the great work!

room16 at Grey Lynn

Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

@Room 15 Grey Lynn Primary School,

We are happy that you like our movie!
If everyone does a little bit, it will add up and it will make a big difference !

Room 5.

Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Sorry I meant Room 16

Rachel from Nelson Central said...

Well done Little Scholars, what a good job you have started to do for the environment. I hope you keep it up and continue to make a difference!

From Rachel (Class Teacher)
Room 9 Nelson Central School

Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

@rachel from nelson central !
Thank you for your lovely comments ! We are just doing our little bit.

Room 5 ( little scholars)

Anonymous said...

Well done Room 5. I liked the way you showed how to sort the rubbish into different containers for recycling.

Mr F
Room 9
Glenview School

MrsMcandCo said...

Dear Room 5 Kids,
You're movie is so good that I am going to show it to my Year 5 students who are 9-10 year olds. I think you are better at putting rubbish in the bin than they are!

Anonymous said...

Room Five

I was really proud to see you collecting and recycling the rubbish at Pt England School. You are helping to make it a lovely place for everyone here. You are making a BIG difference!

Mrs Hodgkinson RTLB

3gksheri said...

Nice voices guys. Keep up the good work. I really enjoyed watching this video I can listen to this 10 times if I want to. I liked it when all the children were speaking on the microphone. You people are the best actors. Well done!

Miss Sharpe and Miss Brown said...

We enjoyed your video on recycling. We learned a new word, "rubbish". We use the word, "trash" in America, but think we may start refering to it as "rubbish" from now on in our class. :) We will work on posting a video of our class so you can see us.

Your Friends,
Miss Sharpe and Miss Brown's Second Graders