Friday, October 17, 2008

How Can I make a difference ? Yes ! We are talking about our Planet Earth !

Do you know what to do to make a difference in helping to keep our Planet Earth clean and green ? Room 5 have been learning how to recycle the rubbish as the first step in keeping our environment safe and clean an d green. We are learning about recycling, reusing and reducing the rubbish. This picture shows what we plan to do in the following weeks.


pesroom10 said...

A great start to the term Room 5. Keep up the great work. We can't wait to see what else will come out of your blog.

Love Miss Lavakula

AllStars said...

Hello Little Scholars :)
We try to make a difference in our classroom too. We recycle our used paper products (like bags, scrap paper, posters etc)
We compost our food scraps each lunch time.
We have a "Rubbish Reducing Rampage" each Thursday where we try to reduce the amount of non-recyclable rubbish we bring to school. We won this comp last week!
All of these actions are thanks to our school "Green Team" which works really hard to get our school to make a positive difference.


Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Hi allstars !
Thank you for your excellent comments. We are glad to know that you are even more active than us in recycling paper. We have just started and really want to make a difference !

Room 5 (little scholars).

lssrm13 said...

Hi Room 5

We are a Year 5 & 6 class from Feilding and we are looking forward to reading and learning about "how we can make a difference"
At our school we recycle (paper), food waste (bokashi bins) which we use as compost and we try to re-use things in class.
We are looking forward to reading more on your blog. We are studying how to make a difference by saving and looking after New Zealand native birds.

We look forward to reading more.


Room 13 Lytton Street School

Anonymous said...

You are really making a difference already Room 5. Everyone who looks at your blog can learn more about recycling at school.

Mrs Hodgkinson

Room 16 Grey Lynn School said...

Hey Room 5!

Thank you for visiting our blog. I saw your very cool blog. Your writing was so interesting and I'm hoping that I get to see more of your work. We enjoyed all your fantastic effort in your work, good job!!!

From Misty, Room 16, Grey Lynn School.

Room 16 Grey Lynn School said...

Oh this blog is way cute! i love the photos and the little comic life lay out. The whole class are all very clever and it looks like the whole school has been busy with cool topics throughout the year. Well done Mrs She and her little vocies! Room 16 have learnt alot from reading your blog. Your blog is giving us great ideas, thanks for that little scholars! You are making a difference!

Grey Lynn - room 16