Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Yes! We Can Dance! --by Room 6 at Pt England School

As part of the learning experiences, the students of Room 6 have been learning about dances of the decades from 1950 to the present. They have been learning the dance moves and this movie shows the high lights! It is also created for the Manaiakalani Film Festivals 2013.. The Manaiakalani Film Festival is held in the Hoyts cinemas in Syvia Park, Auckland.

Yes! We can dance by Room 6 at Pt England School! from Jenny She on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

The best movie in the world. we love our movie . well done! Room 6

by Amelia

Jenny She said...

Hey, guys!

I love you guys! That was a lot of fun making the movie....more to come! Keep dancing!

Mrs She.

Miss Paton said...

Hi Room 6,

I enjoyed watching your movie? I loved your costumes and watching the dances through time.
Cleverly done.

Miss Paton

Jenny She said...

Thank you so much! MIss Paton! Your awesome comment is very much appreciated

Mrs. She

Manaiakalani Cluster said...

What a fun movie you made for the Film Festival Room 6! You are such talented dancers.

I hope you enjoyed seeing yourselves up on the big screen. You are now proper movie stars!

Your fan

Mrs Burt

Room 6 said...

Dear Mrs Burt,

Thank you so much! We are very happy that you like our movie and coming from you means a lot to us!
Thank you! Thank you!

Room 6.

Lana Cecil said...

Wow Rm 6 you're dancing is AMAZING!!!!

Anonymous said...

Room 6,

I loved your dancing! It was fabulous! Keep dancing and smiling. You make the world a happy place.

Mrs Clarke

paris Davey said...

Wow you guys can dance you could win New Zealand got talent. Because you guys have the best dancing in the world.

Anonymous said...

i love i miss she by amelia

Anonymous said...

fantastic guy by amelia

uniquehh said...

Hi My Name I Unique and this movie is very inspirational to my school, Tamaki Primary. I really apersiate your hard work and courage you have put into this movies, you all are great actors.

Unique-Angel Tamaki Primary

Anonymous said...

miss she your the best teacher in the world thak you . Mr burt for that comment your the best principa by amelia.

Anonymous said...

hi Amelia this is very interesting I can't take my eyes looking at you and I can see you talent I admired looking at you and other children as well

by Meliame (Amelia's mum)

Faaiua said...

Hi Room 6,

That was a very nice dancing movie, Maybe when you's grow up you's can be professional dancers like Chris Brown.

Keep it up

Hannah said...

Hi Room 6,

You are really good dancers. I had so much fun watching you dance like rock stars! Well done Ana and Arthur for presenting confidently. Keep up the awesome work!

Faaiua said...

Hi Room 6,

I love your movie you's guys made. I loved the songs and the costumes.

Keep up the dancing