Monday, February 11, 2013

Yes! We are a very beautiful class! Room 6 at Pt England School.

Yes! This is Room 6! In this term, we have two teachers, Ms. She and Mrs. Maude! Mrs Maude was not available when the photo was taken!


Taeshell said...

Hello room 6, my name is Taeshell and I'm a year 7 in the senior block. I used to be in Mrs She's class, but that was when she was teaching room 5. It sounds like you guys are happy to be in room 6 with Mrs She and Miss Maude. I hope you little ones have a good day, and be good to your teachers!

From Taeshell

Mya said...

Hi room 6!
I hope you are having a great start this year. I am looking forward to your amazing stories being posted on your blog.

cheyanne said...

Hi room 6 MY name is cheyanne I am a year 7 in room 22.Do you like it in room 6 .Mrs she And Mrs Maude They are both grate teacher I hope yous have a grate day by Cheyanne

New Town 2nd Kapai Kiwis! said...

Hey y'all! as we say here in North Carolina!! Great to see your beautiful class. I always enjoy reading all the fantastic stories you post on your blog. We look forward to seeing your work throughout the year!

From Miss Lologa and the Kapai Kiwis
North Carolina, USA