Monday, July 4, 2011

Angelo Has Cool Things to do After School.

Room 6 have been thinking of the things that they can do at home when school finishes.  Listen carefully to what Angelo has to say in this video and find out what he likes to do!

Angelo's After School Story! from Jenny She on Vimeo.

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MsSalvac said...

Hi Angelo:
My name is Ms. Salva. I live in Houston, Texas. I have three children. We enjoyed your video very much! I asked my oldest (9 year old) son, Tony what he does after school but he prefers to write you directly. As for me, I am really busy after work. I am usually running around picking up my three kiddos and then there is dinner and clean up. I am a school teacher so my days are a bit calmer now that we are in our summer break. It was great to see your video!! Keep them coming!!

Ms. Carol Salva