Sunday, June 5, 2011

Judah's Story about Mother's day!

Last month, we celebrated Mother's day.  Listen carefully to this video and find out what happened in Judah's family on that special day.

Judah Wrote a story about Mother's Day! from Jenny She on Vimeo.


Tracy said...

Prawns taste really yum ! What a nice treat on Mother's Day - your lucky Mum ! Thanks for sharing what you got up to.

Anonymous said...

Yes Judah the prawns were yummy aye loved your story.. We had a really good day too.. Keep up the good work honey..

Love Mum

Anonymous said...

Oh, I want to eat prawns for dinner. Yum! Also, your story reminds me of my mum . -Ju

Anonymous said...

hi judah, i liked the movie of the mother's day. The prawn is nice and the salad is nice to.

Anonymous said...

oh judah i love the movie.WAIMARIA