Tuesday, November 30, 2010

YES! 10066 visitors have viewed Our Site since February 2009!

Little Voices, Little Scholars are proud that their site has hit over 10,000 views.  This is counting from 14th February 2009 till now.   We do not have any record of the figures before that date. Whoohoo!!

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Mr Webb, 17,000. said...

Mrs She, congratulations on over 10,000 visitors in two years to your site, it takes a special blog to get over 10,000 visitors in that time. I am sure that you are going to do something special to celebrate with the students of Room Seven. I hope that you will get your next 10,000 visitors very shortly.
Mr Webb, Room 8, 17000 visitors to our page, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato.