Monday, November 23, 2009

" Wow! It was nice'" said Hannah. ( The Damper Story )

Do you know what is damper ? Well its a kind of food that is consumed by campers. Room 5 had the opportunity to make damper and then eating them as an a writing experience. Listen to Hannah's story and find out what happened!


Jack Sloan said...

Hi guys. Your blog, as ever, is looking beautiful. I often look at it when looking for inspiration for our year group blog.

I've just nominated you for best class blog in the Edublog Awards. Good luck!

Jack Sloan
Chorlton Park Primary School

Room 13 Yendarra School Tuis! said...

Oh, yummy! Well done, Hannah on your fantastic recount.

I liked the way you used adjectives to describe the hot fire and the delicious food.

Miss Hughes
Yendarra School, Otara