Monday, October 5, 2009

Using Animoto to display Room 5's Art Work!!!

Room 5's children are not only good at drawing computer graphics, they are just as clever at painting pictures. This Animoto slideshow indicates their skills.


Pam Thompson said...

Mrs She is right. You're all excellent painters as well as digital artists! These are great paintings Room 5 - you should be very proud.

MC Room21 said...

We think you have some wonderful artwork published on your blog!

Angel Shay Padgett said...

This is really amazing. You all are learning so much and doing such a wonderful job! Education is really important and learning new things is the most fun part of learning how to grow up! Don't grow up to fast though, enjoy being in school and getting to do these great activities! Well Done!
Angel Padgett
Mississippi, USA

diamond said...

hello Rm 5,

your paintings are wonderful. it is very nice of you. it was a wonderful art work. You guys really work hard. your teacher is correct ur nice artists.

they were fabulous